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  • April 20,2016
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Best Agricultural Wholesale & Retail Company

Connexion International BV was Founded by our current CEO. During the last 6 years of fast development and trade partnerships, Connexion International BV has become one of the leading companies in the Export and Import of Agricultural products in Europe, The USA with over 8 branches in South America, Africa And Europe.

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  • Jan 6,2018
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Connexion International BV

After Only 2 years of operating in the Eastern Seaboard, Connexion International BV opened it's first branch in the United Kingdom.Connexion International BV has an operating plan that guarantees the best wholesale prices in the market today.We guarantee low cost and with distribution center overseas to serve local customers better.

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  • May 5,2020
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Worldwide Experienced Farmers

Connexion International BV is in connection with the most experienced farmers Worldwide who build fresh food,grow culturally relevant crops key to food traditions,connect to agricultural heritage and produce the best crops in the market today. Products are always Certified Organic or produced by farmers committed to sustainable methods, including no chemical inputs or pesticides.

organic farmers
  • Jan 1,2022
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Organic Farmers Shop

As of Jan 1 2022, Connexion International BV exports and Imports now operates year round.

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  • April 10,2022
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Local Community Support

Some is donated Weekly to local organizations that distributes food to families in need.

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  • June 3,2022
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Local Communities Outreach

Our Branches In Latin America & Africa now offer employment to support local employment rate. This is only the beginning as we expand, we are putting projects in place to better influence local communities.

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